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Hi Jema, Me and my partner have been together 5 years and have moved around a lot travelling in between, we have only rented a flat for 1 year (in ) which was in Australia and the rest of our relationship (living in the uk) we have had live in jobs with no .
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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the band. For the album, see Midnight Oil album. For the idiom, see Wiktionary: Midnight Oil at Vieilles Charrues Festival , Unforgettable Australian Reviews , ed.: Last lineup Peter Garrett — lead vocals, harmonica —, — Rob Hirst — drums, backing and occasional lead vocals —, — Jim Moginie — guitars, keyboards —, — Martin Rotsey — guitars —, — Bones Hillman — bass guitar, backing vocals —, — Former members Andrew James — bass guitar —80 Peter Gifford — bass guitar, backing vocals —87 Touring personnel Charlie McMahon — didgeridoo , Glad Reed — trombone —90, Chris Abrahams — keyboards —94, Jack Howard — trumpet, flugelhorn, keyboards, percussion and cowbell Midnight Oil portal Music of Australia portal.

Archived from the original on 13 July Retrieved 29 May Encyclopedia of Australian Rock and Pop. Retrieved 20 October Rolling Stone Encyclopedia 3rd ed. Archived from the original on 27 July Retrieved 22 January Molly Meldrum presents 50 years of rock in Australia.

Archived from the original on 27 September Retrieved 12 February Archived from the original on 3 November Retrieved 21 October Australian Chart Book — Archived from the original PDF on 12 May Archived from the original on 29 October Retrieved 9 July Archived from the original on 30 September Archived from the original on 19 October Retrieved 22 October Archived from the original on 20 July Long Way to the Top.

Archived from the original on 17 October Retrieved 24 October Journal of Australian Studies". The Australian Public Intellectual Network. Archived from the original on 13 January Archived from the original on 27 May Winners by Year search result for ". Archived from the original on 26 September Archived from the original on 14 September Retrieved 23 October Archived from the original on 29 March Archived from the original on 8 June Retrieved 19 January Australasian Performing Right Association.

Archived from the original on 8 March Retrieved 20 May Retrieved 25 October Retrieved August 9, Archived from the original on 16 July Retrieved 25 February The Herald and Weekly Times Ltd. Archived from the original on 25 February Archived from the original on 27 February Retrieved 15 January I think one of the people at the Service Centre advised me to do this. Hi Jema, Me and my partner have been together 5 years and have moved around a lot travelling in between, we have only rented a flat for 1 year in which was in Australia and the rest of our relationship living in the uk we have had live in jobs with no bills and rent free or taken out of our pay each month.

Thanks very much Hannah. Is anyone in charge of your live-in situations writing a stat-dec for you? Remember lots of couples applying for the visa are young and have similar hurdles.

You could always ring up a migration agent, too. Hi Jema, Thanks heaps for all the information posted here! I am planning to put in my visa soon and will defenitly be purchasing the evidence docs that you have shared.

Any help would be greatly appriciated. Hi Tim — sorry for the slow reply. The information on the 40 and 47SP forms are still required. What I experienced was the questions from those forms were just built in to the online application process. Hi Jema, I purchased you sample visa a few weeks ago which was a big help for getting started so thank you.

I have a lot questions, as am feeling a little overwhelmed with how much differing information there is online. Do all documents need to be certified? Is it ok to make 1 PDF file for each category containing all the evidence or do they need to be labelled differently and uploaded? Have started doing it this way…. The annotated bank statements which you uploaded with your application were they all from your joint account or will our separate accounts be sufficient evidence?

Do you know if your allowed to complete your medical examinations in Australia if your applying offshore? We will be visiting Australia for Christmas, applying end of October, so may just do the medical there if its possible and hope we get asked for it by then. Thanks so much for your time. Hi Hannah, So happy to hear everything has been helpful. I have heard if something is in another language, it might need certified?

But our case officer never said anything about it, and the turnaround for us once they opened our case was really fast. I got mine done as we passed through Thailand. Thanks for your help Jema. Also, if they give it an initial review which they often do quite quickly and the threshhold documents are not there, you will be put right at the back of the queue. So it is best to prepare your documents as much as possible before.

Hi Jema and Hannah. I am a Registered Migration Agent in Australia and am happy to give a few tips. Partner Visas are confusing. In fact, Australian immigration is confusing. It can even be so for the experts. Regarding the questions above: Stat decs must be witnessed by particular people prescribed by the Statutory Declarations Act and Statutory Declarations Regulations Only an Australian permanent resident or citizen can make the declaration.

If the applicant is in Australia and has been refused another visa application since last entering, you need professional help definitely. Evidence documents can be good quality colour scans of less than 5MB. No certification is required for scans of originals. Non-English documents need to be translated. Try to make it easy for the decision maker. Just make sure that financial info is relevant. Daniel Migration Agent Registration Number: Hi Jema, Thanks for all your help and useful information.

Hope you can help! You can also call a migration agent. They are super nice and usually willing to answer small questions like this for free. That is not what immi was saying a few months ago! Hi I have a question about sponsorship- I am reading everywhere that approval of sponsor is required before lodging application. The applicant will not be able to continue and should review the eligibility information on our website.

This is frustrating, hey! My best advice would be to call one of the Services Centres. The advice I got was to continue uploading updates to my immi account about my whereabouts, which I did.

Hi Jema, Thank you so much for this amazing blog and for sharing what you know, I purchased your visa sample and it has been beyond helpful. The issue I have is, my partner and I at the time, I am no longer, were being paid cash so a lot of my statements show deposits going in.

I am worried that I will be questioned on this as obviously it was not declared income. Do you think this will be an issue, as I saw that you had somewhat of a similar issue with your partner who was also paid cash? That you might get flagged for illegitimate income? If you want peace of mind, you can ring up a migration agent. They are super nice and generally willing to answer small questions like this!

So it was hard to show his spending in the same places at times. And then he had that whole identity theft debacle! Jema this blog saved us from paying another 3kdollars as we have consulted an agent before for our visa and they asked for that amount plus the visa fee.

Huge congrats to you and so glad to hear all the info has been helpful. Hi, Your article really helps in planning for my partner visa. I have a question here. I have received my PR last month and now will be applying for my spouse visa. I am currently outside Australia and plan to move there early next year. HI I am Ashley, I am applying for the partner visa now, I have no idea do I follow the right step to apply this visa? Later I have access to upload my documents evidences.

At the end, my partner completed his application form. So as you said, do I just need to wait for my partner status: Also, my student visa will be expired the end of this month, is it ok I submit my evidences after my partner is proved?

I would recommend ringing up a migration agent. We applied for my partner visa in May this year, when the processing times were months. However, the department is now saying processing times are 26 months. Do you know if this new processing time applies to all applications or just new ones made as of the new processing time, which I think was the end of July this year? This has been a popular question lately. I do know that there is a maximum visa quota per year.

That means that 80, people qualify for a visa, but only the first 50, will get them in The rest, even though they qualify, have to wait until the quota resets. I think the time estimate is really indicative of how many people were in line in front of you.

I applied on April 1 when the processing time was months. I panicked when I saw the current wait times. I have been looking everywhere to find the answer to your exact question. Have you learned anything new?? We applied for our partner visa May 1. The new processing time increased to months. I always keep uploading every month proof of our relationship, like going to the theater and parties or dinner.

No time limit, as far as I know. Especially with 4 or 5 days. We paid the fee and then uploaded most our evidence within the next two weeks. However, we uploaded more evidence as it came in… up to 4 months later! Hey Jema , I would like to ask you some question about my visa is there an email I can send you at. I happily do my best to share my limited knowledge in the comments section here so it stays publicly available to as many people as possible.

I am not a migration agent and am unwilling to spend time answering questions privately. When my Aussie husband was granted his UK visa all we had to have was a marriage certificate and the application forms.

We went in person and it was all done in a few hours. Not so this way round! I am wondering why none of you have considered using an expert to assist? I have just called them and they were so helpful. I wanted to ask a lot of questions. If I lodge the application here in UK, I will wait around months.

I can still go to oz but only on a visitor visa which is not ideal as my husband wants to stay there to work and be close to his mum who is elderly and unwell. If I lodge it in oz, it seems I can get a bridging visa to work after 3 months not entirely convinced. The downside of that is the longer wait of up to 2 years for the visa to be approved.

I know I can extend the visitor visa while in oz as I have done that before when I used visit him there. I had NO idea it could be this difficult and long! I know — we wished we known about the length, too. Would have applied MUCH sooner! Many folks applying are also younger and less well-resourced. I specifically made this page for DIYers like me who are determined to do it themselves, but there are plenty of folks out there for whom paying a migration agent is totally worth it!

I almost feel disappointed with myself that I am considering paying an agent! I told the agent I was alarmed at being able to upload documents — they did say that most people submit too much of the wrong things.

They said my permanent visa will be granted at the same time, so no extra costs for that. Anyway, keep up the good work — it took me a long time to discover your site. I will let you know how I go!! We definitely followed the advice about the department not caring much about photos, etc. Hi Jema, Just trying to wrap my head around the part where bank statements are used as evidence.

Did you just compile all the relevant transactions into the financial, social and household nature of the visa? And if you did, did you submit your original bank statements as well? We just annotated an entire year worth of bank statements, highlighting purchases that demonstrated each category.

So yes — original statements, with writing on them! We did this electronically, some people just print out and use pen and paper. I assume by the applicant they mean my wife? It would seem premature to do that prior to the sponsor checking out, however maybe because we created immi account in has something to do with it. And you said the services centres were unhelpful? They are, by reputation, and by my own personal experience having done this really nice and willing to talk about the process.

Hi Grant, I had the exact same thing happen to me today and I sent off a technical report form.. Hi Indira im having the same problem and did not have much help from home affairs!

They did say that it could be because the applicant had not submitted the paper work yet. Im the sponsor and I need to submit my forms after my partner. Have you has any luck? Hi, my husband is from Australia and we have been married 16 years. We have two boys who have already received their citizenship. We logged an out of country visa since we are currently in the USA in September of last year. When we filled processing times were 12to 14 months. We are still waiting and processing times change every month.

The most current 21 to 26 months doubling our original processing time. My med info was cleared last year 3 months after original submission though not bc we were asked but bc we submitted it. Do you know if our processing time is from our original submission 12 to 14 months or are we now subjected to the 21 to 26 months time frame.

Any advice or a recommendation on who to call bc we only get generic info from the center. It sounds like your medicals will expire in December of this year? I would recommend calling and having a chat with a migration agent. I am in the same boat. US citizen married to an Aussie for 9 years, with 2 kids who have gotten Aussie citizenship, overall a very straightforward case.

I applied for the on April 1, when processing times were months. We too are moving to Aus for family reasons and I am praying that our original quoted time will be honored. Have you heard from a case officer or found any other info about the processing time? Thank you, so helpful! Just one thing- which programme did you use to edit your bank statenment? We actually put everything together in Power Point and used the slides as multiple pages. You could also use Publisher for the multiple page thing, and I think Adobe In-Design does the same thing.

Hi Emilie, what I did was I printed out my bank statement, highlighted it and wrote neatly to explain my points and scanned it as soft copy. My and was approved at the same time in under 3 months. When did you lodge your visa? DOL and Date granted? Praying my visa will be granted very soon. Hi there, I have found your website really helpful. I am just about to apply for the Partner Visa. I understand that this process will take some time but just wanted to check whether I need to apply for a bridging Visa or will I automatically be put on a bridging visa once I have submitted the application?

If so will this apply once I have done the initial submission or once I have uploaded all of the documents? Thanks in advance for your help! Your best bet is to ring up a migration agent. They are generally happy to chat and answer basic questions like this. Provided the bridging visa is automatic, I presume that whole process would be set in motion by completing the initial part of the application and paying.

People can take a long time to upload documents, and your case officer or other department employees will sometimes ask you to upload documents, so I would be surprised if the bridging visa was withheld until you finished document uploads. Appologies if this has already been asked but im struggling to read everything as my brain is really starting to hurt!! We are just at the initial stage of gathering info. My question is, do you remember how long after applying it took to receive that temp visa?

Any rough guide would be fantastic. Maybe the lingo is confusing you? I am a sponsor for my philippino husband. We met and got married and are living together in Korea, so we are applying offshore. We lodged the application, but I am confused about a few things and was hoping you can shed some light. I am starting to not see the clear overview anymore due to all the details. But I only see a form 40SP in attach documents, and no other sections about the sponsor. Does this mean there is no online version like there was for 47 form for the application?

So do I need to fill out the 40SP and attach it. I am just scared that I am missing some online questions for the sponsor somewhere. I am a little confused what to show. Korea doesn't allow shared bank accounts or saving accounts, since we are both temporary expats here with no properties or kids we didn't make a will yet we plan so in Australia , as expats we don't have some emergency registration system that I know of? Our marriage is without prenup so could just the marriage certificate be evidence?

So far we only have the joint statement uploaded at the nature of commitment. Would current work contracts work or what do they expect to see? I am drawing a blank, since I am not living in Australia as well and we plan to move together at the same time it is a little complicated.

Would we have to show some savings of my husband and of me? Any idea of how much they would expect? We are still in Korea for 1 year more so our savings aren't as high yet as we like, but I expect no problem since one of my jobs is online and can be moved along with me and upscaled.

My sponsor and I were traveling abroad him not working and no work contract when we applied. But we had savings, were both high-earners, and he owned a house in Australia. Now we want to apply for partner visa. What are the procedures to apply visa? Can anyone explain me the detail procedure? Basically, you have to:. Decide whether you are going to apply on-shore or off-shore.

Start your application with the immigration department, which involves answering 47SP questions and paying the huge application fee. Then you upload evidence that proves your relationship is legitimate this is highly variable from couple to couple 4.

Wait for a case office to look at your evidence and hopefully approve your visa. Thanks for sharing your experience. The DIBP is constantly tweaking their site constantly… every time I login I see a screen with a list of things that are being worked on. Glad to hear that might be happening for new applicants! Actually Mark, you still have to pay the fee in order to upload your evidence of the statements regarding the financial and social aspects as well as the nature of the household and your relationship.

Hi Jemma, So glad I came across your page, found it very informative. I do have a question. I will be lodging my partner visa in a months time.

I was wondering do you have to attach a police check with all your evidence or do we have to wait till a C. Hi Nicole — they say you should wait until the C. Hi i am Australian and married a British Citizen over 6 years ago. Just wondering if anyone has any idea on the below: This is definitely an issue that a huge number of partner visa applicants deal with!

We did the because we just wanted to get the paperwork over with. However, we were traveling internationally together when we applied, so knew the clock would be ticking during our trip e. Hope that helps a bit! Definitely check out conversations in partner visa forums.

They were so helpful to us when applying! Hi there, I am Aussie citizen and my husband I am sponsoring is Canadian citizen.

Is there knowledge around here as to how long that could take? Married and been together 7 years. Also, how long before the sponsor application status goes from submitted to approved? But sponsorship one has been sitting as submitted for around a week now. Thanks for any help! The best place to find information on processing times is Australian Partner Visa Forums. My wife was recently diagnosed of a low grade cancer. She is also a bipolar patience.

As it stands, i really have to be with my wife ASAP my questions now are 1 is this situation a good compassionate ground for my visa to be fast done? You can always call and talk to the Services Centres. But you will get to talk to a real human eventually. Hi Jemma, like your name almost sounds like a gem.

You have helped so many genuine couples. Thank you so much for that. Now as of May 1, the estimated decision time is months.

For my fellow applicants I advise not to do any medical unless they tell you what your next assessment is. I went to the medical they told me to here in Sydney. The good thing about it is that the medical center that it communicates directly with the immigration department and they automatically clear you. So no uploading is needed from your side. I also believe as of now that even color scanned documents have to be verified, this only applies for Passport, Birth Certificate, Drivers licence, National ID, declaration, which has to be from the the Sponsors friends or I find, sponsors family is the best make sure when the form is filled out it has to attach a copy of the person passport or birth certificate who is testifying also veryfied at the same time.

If anyone has a good smart phone it saves you so much time and effort to scan using Tapscan app. You can stich as many pages as you want and then save it as pdf. If the file is over 5MB use a free website like smallpdf.

In my case I am the one being sponsored so I had to start the application, once you pay there is an optionfor your partner to use the same account. One more thing if someone has been in a relationship longer than 3 years and can prove it, like registration of de facto relationship, will get a permanent residency right away.

I am using your sample to help me gather all my evidence. When you paid, do you have a time limit in which you have to upload everything by? How did this work? No time limit for uploading. Please finish so we can assign you a case officer.

When we uploaded files, each time we could choose a pre-filled category as well as type in a filename. So in the case of social aspects, we just kept naming them almost the same thing. You have a limit of, I think, 60 total uploads which can be a max of 5MB each.

For length of defacto relationship, we made a PDF that had the cover page summary just a list of those items you see listed in the sample , then evidence piece 3. The first few pages of the example explain what we ended up doing for the department. The last pages are what we prepared before we knew the department had a different structure.

So, no, I would not recommend organizing like we did and then referencing your evidence. The whole reason I made this webpage was because it was a huge waste of our time. If I could do it again, I just would have organized the way that is explained in the first two pages of the example. Those are the categories the department actually wanted.

When you do it yourself, you can upload documents right away. Hi, Thank you for all the amazing and useful information here, I have also purchased your application documents which are so useful too! I just have a quick question, is it definitely ok for me to apply for an offshore partner visa with my Australian fiance being my sponsor living with me in the UK on a working holiday visa, which expires May I assumed this would be ok, but suddenly thought the other day that maybe he has to be living in Australia?

But I assume as he does not have permanent rights to stay in the UK after May this would be ok? Hope this makes sense! Is your partner a natural-born Australian citizen? I know sometimes there can be issues regarding his geographical location if he is not.

But assuming he is a natural born resident, I have never heard of a requirement about the location of a natural-born sponsor. And my partner was outside of Australia in the U. Thanks so much for the reply and advice Jema.

Yes he is a natural-born Aussie citizen but I will double check! Hi, great website, really helpful! I spent 3 months living with him in Adelaide last Christmas time on a tourist visa that was my second entry on the tourist visa, I visited him for a week in October too.

He is currently living with me in NZ and we intend to move back to Australia in June where I will apply for a partner visa. Given my visa history 5 tempory visas in under 5 years am I likely to have a problem entering the county again? What should I say to immigration if questioned on arrival? Hi Esther — so glad the info here has been helpful. People from the UK visit OZ all the time, and many with regular frequency. Those who are — e. When I was in your shoes, I was prepared to give an officer a whole itinerary of places I was not actually going to go in OZ.

They never even asked. Just waved me through. Just enter on an ETA and make sure you have a plane ticket exiting Oz within 3 months, even if it is just to NZ or somewhere close by. Make sure your partner is waiting for you at the terminal and can be called by the immigration office. They are likely to call him if they feel like. Happened to me too.

Because he takes responsibility for you. You have to be be together in a consecutive relationship for for 12 months to be able to apply for a partner visa with proof..

Hi Jema, Thank you so much for sharing this amazing blog. My fiance and I are about to embark upon the application process for the Prospective Marriage visa. I am looking to purchase your evidence package, but just a quick question — is it still relevant do you think, for the Prospective Marriage visa?

I would assume much of it will be the same as the Partner Visa but just wanted to check on your thoughts. Some of the evidence required for partner visas and prospective marriage visas is derived from the same standards. Proof that you and your prospective spouse have met face-to-face as adults since turning 18 and know each other personally. Proof such as a letter from the person who will officiate at the wedding that you will marry your prospective spouse within nine months of being granted the visa.

Proof that you and your prospective spouse genuinely intend to live as spouses. Written statements showing the history of your relationship, such as: Additionally, once approved for your prospective marriage visa, you eventually have to apply for a partner visa for which the evidence package is very specifically relevant.

Just out of curiosity, do you and your prospective spouse not have enough time in your relationsihp to be considered defacto? Hi Jema, Thank you so much for all the informations you provide on your blog and helping people do the right thing in lodging their visa application. My fiance and I will soon lodge our prospective marriage visa application by end of next month but we are still in the process of completing all the requirements.

We are also very intrested to purchase some of your forms that can help us a lot. I just have few questions that you might help me. I have the checklist that I downloaded from the Australiam Embassy website but it did not say anything for prospective marriage visa. I only saw for spousal visa application. Appreciate your time to give us understanding on this. Again, thank you very much. Happy to hear from you soon. I googled and found a checklist published by the Jordan embassy.

To shrink big files use smallpdf. My partner and I have uploaded at least documents but only 38 files. I saw you wrote elsewhere in the comments that you have reason to believe this is no longer the case?

I, like you, am a US citizen with an Australian partner. Our expected move date is still tentative, but HE is likely leaving the US within the next six months.

I am leaning toward applying for the here, but am worried about the implications if my partner is to move before I am granted a visa, and I am visiting him for an extended amount of time on a tourist visa. Do you think it is common for a case worker to reach out to you before you are granted the visa to ensure you are out of the country as was the case for you? I am most concerned about not getting the heads up on this, and then being denied my because I am not present in the US at the time.

Sounds like you and your partner have an almost identical situation. The most dependable metric will be wait times experienced by other American applicants who will ultimately be processed through D. Heaps of couples have time apart. She told me it was about to be granted as soon as I left. I would look up wait times people in your two hypothetical situations are experiencing to help you make your decision. Hope that helps, and good luck! Hi Jema, Thank you very much for writing this up.

I have purchased your evidence sample. I am going through form 47A at moment. What sort of documents do I need to provide with this form? We did not have to fill out a 47A. You can always contact the services centres to ask. Migration agents are sometimes willing to answer questions if you call.

Hi Jema, Once you submit the initial questions and make the payment are you able to go back and make any changes to this section while submitting the evidence?

Hi Natalie — No, we were not able to access the original section to make changes. The general theme with the application process is no editing allowed.

I presume this helps spot fraudsters. From what I understand, the department prefers it and stat decs from Australians carry more weight.

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