Roses and Ruffles- The T-shirt to Toddler Dress Tutorial

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And I pinned it on pinterest a few months ago and it has been repinned almost times since! Patricia Milton June 1, at 9: What else may I get that kind of info written in such a perfect approach? This is a nice post in an interesting line of content. Continue pinning the sleeve down one side of the armhole to the end of the armhole.

This is one of my favorite t-shirt refashions of all time. For a number of reasons. First, let me tell you that this t-shirt to tank refashion wasn’t my idea. Jen posted this on her facebook page and I jumped at the chance to have a crafty morning with her and watch her make it. Jen blogs at.
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Here is my crack at it. The lines of stitching at the top form a tube, and the straps are pulled through. I have a 1 yr old daughter and we just bought her a tee From our youth group even though it was too big for her. I did this and made it into a dress for her had to take in the sides too! Thanks for the idea! I was able to make one of my favorite Tshirts that I shrunk fit me again by doing this!

I let out my bottom seam and used my sleeves to make the rope at the top instead since I was worried about the shirt being too short. It looks and fits perfectly!

Thanks for posting this! Took me 30min to do each I also sewed the arm hole hem and they are so much better looking on me now! One has one tie and the other has 2 ties. Thanks for the tutorial! Posting this kind of information is very useful for its reader, Now this is highly recommended post for River Sand , do something in future smiler with this.

Thanks for the tips.. Oh Angela, you are on a slippery downward slope! I would love to try this; however, I have never sewed anything before except a button back on a shirt. Can you give me instructions on how to hand sew the tubes for the straps? My husband and son were skeptical at first and then impressed!

Was sent from a relative some nice ones, but alas, too large across the shoulders, this is the answer to be able to wear them after re designing them. Now they will be wearable and not drawer bound.. Thank you for showing how it is done. Sure wish I was that smart…………. This is so great!! My 12 year old daughter and I went to a thrift store and bought a bunch of cute T-shirts they sell for 99 cents each.

We came home and made tank tops all weekend and now she has plans to make more and sell them because her friends are all asking her to make some for them! My husband has so many tshirts that he has worn to the point of holes all along the armpits and neckline. I am in need of maternity sized tank tops…. I can use his old shirts that are normally huge on me, turn them into tank tops and have room for my giant belly!

Love love love this! I hate buying new clothes and having piles of unworn clothes around the closet but now I can keep my closet less full! I made two this morning and timed it — 20 minutes for one of them but that did include having to wind a bobbin in the middle.

But I found this blog and voila! Everything can stay now — just as a new shirt. I also think my daughter will enjoy making some and practicing her sewing.

Thanks for the great idea!! Can I still do this without one? I loved your tutorial! I found it on Pinterest, and it was the first thing I shared on my new blog!

If you want to check it out, here is my link- I posted a picture of my daughter there. I turned a size 7 long-sleeved Wall-E shirt into a tank for her. I LOVE this tutorial! Yes, I have to agree with everyone else! As soon as my six year old daughter saw it she ran to her room and found a t-shirt and asked me to make one for her too! D Looks like I will be making a few more!

My coworker and I just did one as a practice and it turned out awesome!!! We live in Texas and its just too hot to wear tshirts! We are super excited about this!! Thank u so much for this!!! I discovered your blog via Pinterest and finally gave this a try last night. I used some scrap fabric for the straps for one of them but for the other ones I cut off the bottom hem of the shirt and turned it inside out.

This was soooo easy and my shirts look super cute! Thank You so much! I made one and put the results on my blog I linked back to you, of course! Check it out here:. FFC is similar to Craftgawker but it only features kid friendly tutorials. Looking forward to seeing what fun crafts you submit! I just finished making this shirt and it is now a favorite. I did things a little differently. Instead of cutting the arms off, I seam ripped them off. Then, I seam ripped the stitching in the sleeve.

Pinned the sleeves together and cut them evenly on both sides, using chalk as my guide. Then I cut those pieces in half and cut another inch strip and cut that in half 6 pieces. I sewed 3 together and then the other 3 together. Threaded them through using a pin attached to the string fabric, one on each side. The middle piece is hidden and I tied both sides together. Thank you for your idea and your creativity!!! Thank you for sharing!

I just made two of these and it was so easy. My only problem is now that I have sown the neck line I have no idea how to threat the sleeves through. My husband works in the oil industry. He is given many shirts with company logos. He gets two of each, one for him and one for me, the problems is that he wears a 3X.

Now instead of the shirts collecting dust in the closet, or heading to the goodwill, I can enjoy them also. I left one long for sleeping and another for a swimsuit cover, the rest are perfect and much more flattering now.

This will solve that problem and allow me to enjoy all my t-shirts.. Also, living in southern Alabama gets mighty hot so anything without sleeves is welcome! I also want to try this on a color t-shirt with no graphic. Put a notch in the front center and tie there With a ribbon for a bow on the front.

Maybe something a little nicer for when a graphic tee might not be appropriate? There are so many possibilities with this idea. I plan on cutting up my surplus of tank tops to use as contrasting material to string through the neck!

I just made two shirts and it was so easy! Good and simple instructions. I blogged about it, too: The bottom hem made a cute headband for her too. It took no time at all and the bottom scrap made a cute headband. Pinned this ages ago and just made one! SO easy and cute. My mother and I made this shirt for me and wow!!

I used a Aeropostale shirt that was a little bit long on me and the shirt turned out great!! We are going to make more of these shirts. We also sewed the original hem back on the bottom of the shirt, we were going to make a new hem but looking at the shirt and the type of material the shirt is made of it still would of rolled up so the original hem was the best option.

I did this and also made a band around the bottom to make it more of a blousy top. The tshirt I used was one size bigger than I normally get. Love this idea and tutorial! Your tees look so cute. These would be great to make for little girls as well. Thanks for posting this. How do I get the drawstring through the top? Very new to sewing…. Use a safety pin! Stick it through the end of your string and close it up. The wider end of the safety pin goes in first and you just wiggle it through to the other side.

So I was hunting pinterest trying to find creative ways to repurpose old t-shirts. I made 2 this morning and hubby dug through all his old t-shirts and came with like 12 of them for me! I am so excited. I absolutely hate the round neck on t-shirts on me. I have a few that I love but never wear because of the necks….. I am in love with them all over again. Thank you so much for this great tutorial: I just made my first tshirt redo. I love it and it was so easy.

Thank you for the easy tutorial pictures. Turned out super cute! It is getting into summer here and trade-winds die down making it warmer. I love to wear cami type t-shirts but they make them too tight for my round body. This would be great to take some t-shirts that are just too warm and revamp them. Thanks for posting this tutorial.

Thanks for awesome instructions! Too bad I had to hand sew no machine in house and I sewed the back crooked. BUT, I can say I gave it a try. Can you tell me when to add the straps.

Do you add them before you do the stitching? I just made one of these. Cutest tank in my wardrobe now. I absolutely love this! I have a bunch of t-shirts, but I hate collars and sleeves, so I rarely wear them! Do you lay the string where you fold the neck parts, then pin it? I saw this in Pinterest. This is awesome idea. I made one and I love it!

Maybe I have to do one or two more…: My dear friend brought this project at our annual Creative Girls camping trip! She shared how the leftover sleeves can be sewed up and in a few minutes you have sweet little drawstring gifts bags!

I just made two in about 20 minutes! How do they hold up in the wash with all the raw edges? I am going to try this with all my grand daughters long sleeve shirts…. Hey, I tried this project and it turned out great.

Sending love all the way from Trinidad and Tobago! Not sure how well it will hold up…. She gets upset that so many tank tops hang low on her….

Thank you for the great idea! Check out this post for the full run […]. My good friend in Phoenix sent me the tutorial, and we each spent a Saturday turning some old t-shirts into tank tops. Nothing like a […].

Tutorials Patterns Shop Contact Follow. This is one of my favorite t-shirt refashions of all time. For a number of reasons. Second, it is soooo quick and easy that it takes less than half an hour. Are you ready to see? Steps 2, 3 and 4 are pretty straightforward. After stitching you may decide to trim away excess fabric. Here are the finished project photos that did survive my photo assistant. And here are four t-shirt to tank finished products, lined up for a shot. I love the way they look together.

Comments Can you post a link to the actual tutorial that includes the sewing part? What a good idea! This comment has been removed by the author. How did you leave the bottom hem?

Yep, we just left the bottom edge raw. But elastic would be super-cute, too! What a cute idea — thanks for sharing! Fab idea, and so simple! Will have to hunt down some tees in the end of summer sales now: This would be a fun way to make a tee into pjs!

Just made one of these for tailgating tomorrow! Just tried this and it was awesome. Hi, i love it!!!! Do we need to haul out our sewing machines, or will stitch witchery work? Did you put the drawstring in before or after you did the 2 lines of stitches? And love the Camp Gravatt t-shirt…. It helps to hold the pins as you stretch. So remove each pin after you sew past it. Remember to do this with a zigzag as well or your stitching may break as you stretch it over a head.

You made a T-shirt collar! Looks pretty professional right? STEP 4 — Sew sleeves to the armholes. The photo below shows how the sleeves fit into the T-shirt puzzle. Continue pinning the sleeve down one side of the armhole to the end of the armhole. Do this for the other side of the armhole as well…and for the other sleeve too.

Then pin the rest of the sleeve and then the side seams. But in order to include the logo in the new shirt, I had to shift my pattern piece up a bit. The way the machine stitches on the wrong side of the fabric allows the front stitching to stretch slightly. Enjoy your turtles and tees!

I always haul out the twin needle for the bottom hem though. Thanks so much for this tutorial! I so lucked out the he and Owen are about the same size. I used to use your pants pattern years ago.

Thank you so much for this tutorial! I love making tees for my boy, so quick and easy! I also like a double needle for the hem and topstitch around the neck. Thank you for this! I really want to make my little guy some shirts and have lots of thrifted shirts to use. No guesswork trying to make my own pattern which I sometimes fail at.

Your tutorials are amazingly thorough. Plus, you always make it all seem so do-able. Thank you thank you thank you! Love, love, love it. I experimented making shirt with knit fabric for my kids fo Halloween. They turned out perfect for the outfits I made for them, but not well enough for me to make them as everyday wear. My husband works for Apple and has a ton of those iconic logo T-shirts.

I love the turtle tee! I am so glad it is Celebrate the Boy!!! Thanks so much for this! The backside looks just like a store bought hem and allows a little stretch as well.

I am not so good at sewing two lines and getting them to stay just the same width apart. Been looking everywhere this week for a basic T-shirt pattern to make for my little nephew. Yep, basic tees are very quick to stitch up I love raglans, too ;. Thanks for another great tutorial and pattern! You are amazing — great instructions, great photos, and three kids! Ive been wanting to try and make a tee for my son and have been a little scared.

Im going to resize the pattern to a 3T and try it!! Its right on time too! Have you heard of the book sew u home stretch? Thats fun though, right? Thank you for the fabulous tutorial! Now I feel like I can finally tackle it. Thanks for all the detail you put into this! Thank you so much for this tutorial i am making a jersey dress for my 4 year old daughter and was struggling a bit with the line this will help so much.

And again perfectly written. Such a great tutorial…. I love your clear photos detailing every little step and little tips and tricks along the way. You have this way of making it look easy, not just for you, but for everyone.

Such a cool post! Thank you for all the details. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this tutorial. I am just starting to sew again and appreciate the easy instructions and step by step pictures. One thing that I do differently…. I sew only one shoulder seam…. I have been wanting a basic tee pattern!

I was going to make a basic tee pattern myself eventually but this makes it so much easier. Just whipped one up and have a couple more in the works. I think this pattern does run a little small, though. It fits my almostyear-old better than my almostyear-old who wears a 5T. No bigger, will just make it roomier next time so both kids can get some use out of it. Gracias por compartir este tutorial! I featured it here: How perfect is it that I found this?

My nephew is in 5T at the moment! New summer shirts from the best aunt ever? Yes, I think so! Dana, you are awesome. Thank you for another great tutorial with lots of pictures and free pattern. These are so perfect for a new-to-sewing-clothes person like me.

Thanks so much for sharing with us! My friend just introduced me to girlcharlee. Found some cute mustache fabric that would be a great boys t-shirt print and went for it. Im not an expert but I really did a great job with your help! I live in Southern California and have not been able to find t-shirt ribbing in any yardage stores or on-line. Where do you buy yours? Hey Lynn, not sure if you ever got a response for this but I wanted to let you know I just made a tee for my son and used the same jersey fabric I did for the rest of the shirt on the collar and it turned out fantastic.

Just make sure you cut your strip out with the grain running from short side to short side. When you do the slight stretch while sewing it actually looks like the ribbing! I was wondering if you could make this in adult sizes? I absolutely love your tutorials they are amazing: Can you make T-shirts out of a regular cotton or tutti-fruity fabric with the ribbed neck or would that look ridiculous? I need to make some cute easy tops to match skirts and shorts for my grand daughter. Thanks for being there for so many of us that are just enjoying making things for those we love, Vonnie.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! So I hope this will be it! Kind regards from Germany! I made this tee for my daughter, and made a skirt to match.

I am blogging about it and of course leaving a link back to your fabulous tutorial in a post that comes out tomorrow. Hey, this pattern was so great! I just shortened it about 2ish inches and it fit my 3 year old son perfectly. I left it as is for my 4 year old daughter and it was perfect. Thanks so much, this is such a great basic pattern that I can makes variations on or just leave as is.

The making of T-shirt is very good as compared to seeing as videos. You make some of the best stuff for kids, and make it look so ez…thank you for that, your tutorials, your patterns, your pics, just alot of fun to check out.

I have two questions: My best advice though is to just start sewing and see where the knit fabric takes you. I also have a detailed blog post about sewing with knits that might help too: Thank you for this.

It needed long sleeves but it was super easy to alter the pattern. The body fabric is blue with stars, and the sleeves are red glitter swirls. This was so great, thank you! Your tutorials are among the best I have found for someone who it self teaching themselves to sew!!!

Thank you so much… I was able to turn a shirt that I never wore into something cute for my daughter. I absolutely LOVE your tutorials!! You make me brave enough to try new things. Thank you so much. I wanted to ask if you always sew over the pin needles?

Is it safe for my sewing machine? Id really like to try it! Thanks for keeping all your tuturiols up, they are amazing! I do sew over my pins! Because the pins are round, the needle will usually just slide off the pins. And makes some projects easier and faster to sew! Can I just tell you that I made two t shirts and two pairs of shorts one knit, both with pockets last week and had so much fun.

This week I am working on a stuffed dinosaur pattern I came across.

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