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Lisa February 26, at The owners of planet fitness have included an extra room for Infra-red treatments for individuals suffering from excessive weight gain. Login or Sign Up now to add this video! I have been overweight for the majority of my life and have tried everything to slim down and keep it off.

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View pictures of the hottest celebrity bodies, and keep up with the latest trends in celebrity workouts, diets, and fitness on Us Weekly.
View pictures of the hottest celebrity bodies, and keep up with the latest trends in celebrity workouts, diets, and fitness on Us Weekly.
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All time favorites favorites. I weighed 81kg and I was still growing… , I ate without any food culture, I smoked, I drank… but doing MAX Workouts allowed me to start a healthy lifestyle and, above all, to get the body that I knew I had, but I had lost along the way. So in I completed the program for the first time and I lost 16Kg and regained a lean and fit physique. Thanks to MAX Workouts from that moment I started to put fitness and well-being at the center of my interests.

When I heard about the contest this year I jumped at the opportunity to participate, since I had gained some weight during the winter time.

And 90 days later… here are my results. On December 30, , I was diligently recording my calories count in MyFitnessPal great program, by the way and I came across the ad for MAX Workouts … I started reading, and my life changed forever ….

I have a sedentary job, I was born in Italy and emigrated to the US more than thirthy years ago, and I like good Italian food … you add these three things together and you can imagine that I have been overweight all my life, always trying to shed a few or a lot of pounds from my waist line.

Exercising has always been a struggle: All of this prevented me from finding the right balance between a good diet and a good fitness program to achieve my fitness goals.

I always liked a little bit of sport, but I am always been practicing below my technical ability, due to the lack of fitness. The sport I like the most is skiing downhill, mind you, forget cross country , and in recent years, even though I have very good technique and can manage my effort easily, I found it more and more difficult to enjoy it, because my muscles were hurting so much that it took the enjoyment away. In any case, this has always been a once or twice a year vacation break, lasting no more than days each time.

I also like biking. And I now believe it is the answer! The advantage on my side was that I already owned a fairly complete weight set at home. My kids, Andrew and Stephen, now 26 and 24, both experienced an overweight teenager life, as it is fairly common in US middle class families, but decided on their own to improve their fitness. They bought the set, started lifting and exercising, and achieved great results.

They are now both on their own, but for sure their experience has been a motivator for me, even though I am 35 years older than they are. Something had to be done …. I also discovered the solution, which is the simple stretching and icing recommended after exercising. I think Shin should put a little more emphasis on this in the program and avoid a lot of panic by a lot of people ….

So the pain was reasonably under control and I could continue the program. I bought the pipe for rolling, but I found it too hard. I recently bought a special mixed hard plastic and foam roll, which promises to be very helpful. As I mentioned above, being Italian and loving Italian food, I could never eat any protein, without eating some bread with it: This is because of vegetables and berries, as Shin recommends.

I have always heard that eating lots of vegetables and fruits was good for you, and, again, coming from an Italian background, I always thought that I was having enough of it … how wrong …!!! Well, what Shin tells you is that you need to turn this regimen upside down, and make sure that fruits especially berries and vegetables are the primary food, and everything else revolves around it, just to complete your protein and fat intake. After you sit at the table for the first few days with an enormous amount of berries or vegetable in front of you, you think: Will I feel full after I do?

And the amazing thing is that the more you do it, the more you taste the goodness and exceptional flavor of these natural foods. I am now at the end of my Level 3, after 9 weeks of changing my life with MAX Workouts and these are the results: Chest 45 - I took before photo at 9 of January and After photo 24 of March….

My name is Liene Tamamace. I am 33 years old and I come from Italy. And I am happy to tell you that my 12 weeks MAX Workout program is over, but it does not mean that I want to stop here. MAX Workouts has changed my life and even my relationship with my husband. For many years I was always ate out at restaurants and highway bars…vegetables???? First two weeks I felt really like a balloon, I felt blown up. I was out of shape and felt unattractive.

When I was pregnant with my 2nd child I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism also known as under-active thyroid, is a condition in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough hormone. This affects how quickly your body burns calories. Symptoms are weight gain, fatigue, and depression just to name a few. I thought this condition would be temporary due to my pregnancy, but I was wrong. According to my endocrinologist this condition was for life.

I knew I was on my own and started working out with no weight loss whatsoever. I tried different programs dragging myself out of bed and time after time with no weight loss. I was tired of being this way and was embarrassed of how I looked since I had always been in such great shape. I was always depressed crying at night, and myself esteem was hitting rock bottom because all I would get from those who knew me was criticism over and over.

It was a daily struggle and I was tired of blaming my thyroid instead of doing something about it. I came across MAX Workouts and wanted to give this program a try. I decided to make a change to end my misery. My muscles are getting noticed once again. Now I just want to help inspire women who also have hypothyroidism not to give up on their weight loss. Let them know there is hope and they can succeed just like I did.

All that is needed is to have a will and make a commitment to change. If you want something go get it. Thank you Shin for always answering my questions and for giving me the knowledge on how to eat healthy.

I liked the way you wrote the books making them simple and easy to follow. Once again I just want to express my sincere gratitude for helping me change my life not just physically but emotionally as well. Thanks Coach for everything and keep up the good work.

Before starting this program, I was in relatively good shape. I was exercising at least 6 days a week and doing both cardio and weights.

However, over the past year or so, I had been feeling so unmotivated to get up and work out. I was spending about an hour an half or so working out. There were days when I felt like I could cry if I had to run another 45 minutes on the treadmill and then do another 45 minutes of lifting.

I had even increased my workout time because I was seeing no progress in terms of weight loss or increased strength or definition. It was frustrating in so many ways seeing no results and giving up both time and sleep to try to get in more work-out time.

I also ate relatively healthy or so I thought! Then, one day, I was so fed up with my workout routines that I began researching on-line for a new workout program that might spark some sort of new-found motivation for me when I came across MAX Workouts. I read about the program and became immersed reading everything about it.

I literally had tears in my eyes because I felt as though Shin was talking directly to me in so many ways regarding work out time, intensity, diet, etc. It hit me like a bolt of lightning, so I had to order the program!

I started the next week following the workout program and the diet plan as best as I could. I will admit that it was hard at first. I was skeptical and afraid that LESS workout time would send me backwards instead of forwards in terms of progress.

I also had to adjust my diet. No more cereal and bagels in the morning…it was a breakfast high in protein, and yes, sensible fat! Within weeks, I could see myself transforming in terms of definition. I lost inches, gained a renewed sense of confidence, felt happier and more energetic than I did in so long this program does wonders for the spirit , and I felt stronger than ever!

I had people complimenting me on my arms every time I wore sleeveless shirts. It was a great feeling. What I liked most about the program was how easy it was to follow. I liked the shorter, more intense workouts and the program itself was easy to read and understand from the workout explanations to the diet plan. I completed the program and am in the midst of doing it again for the second round. Thank you, Shin Ohtake! It seemed to be just what I was looking for and after reading more and learning that it incorporated 20 minute high intensity workouts I knew this was what I was looking for and the ability to be efficient and get it done in under 30 minutes was icing on the cake!

With a reasonable price and money back guarantee I ordered the materials on the spot and was impressed with what Shin had to offer, particularly on diet. I lost half of that 2 years ago doing the previous program and have since maintained that weight but grown soft again. My eyes were opened to the current science and I hope to use this knowledge to help my wife and kids as well and get the entire family eating for better overall health.

My father died of a heart attack at age 50 and my younger brother has already had two heart attacks and bypass surgery and I have twin boys that are only 10 years old so I am motivated to get and stay healthy for many years and I refuse to slowly deteriorate with aging like most other people!

I also hope to inspire my wife to follow in my footsteps. I have more energy, stamina and self confidence than I have had in years and look forward to going to the pool with my kids and looking better than guys 20 years younger. I turned 40 this year. I have never been really fat, but for most of my life I have been trying to lose weight. I knew all about eating healthy and have tried various food regiments, including eating macrobiotic, vegetarian, vegan and raw.

In the past few years I also started exercising more, doing a lot of aerobics, exercise machine training and lately running.

At one point I was running one hour every day, which brought on problems with my back, but never made me lose one gram of fat! I was working so hard, but to no avail. I also started using a diet journal app to control my food intake and portion sizes. The nutrient patterning was also a revelation for me! Finally it all made sense. This was unheard of! In total, I lost more than 8 kg over the 12 weeks challenge. You could actually see a difference after all! I am continuing to exercise following the Daily Workouts.

I now really miss my workout if I cannot stick to my routine owing to work or travel commitments. My measurements before and after 12 weeks in cm:. My parents never really exercised and followed down the music path for most of my teen years. My real battle began at age 15 when I had a breakdown and was prescribed a very high dose of antidepressants. This wreaked havoc on my body and resulted in a suppressed immune system, slow metabolism, and a 20kg weight gain.

My fitness journey began around 5 years in Tokyo. My confidence levels hit rock bottom and so I decided that I had the money so why not hit the gym and hire a personal trainer. I loved the motivation I had and the accountability a trainer provided. I managed to drop around 12kg in the 2 years I was with him but boy was it hard work.

At this point, my perception of training was the standard 3 sets of 15 reps and long and boring cardio. I felt great and loved doing group classes but secretly I was still longing for a better body.

I worked through two week challenges with a trainer and ended up gaining weight!!! At worst, nothing would change. At best, maybe I would lose some weight and gain some strength.

Fast forward 10 months and here we after at the finish line of the 12 week transformation. When I started this journey 12 weeks ago, it was truly a transformation challenge rooted I wanted the drop dead gorgeous body so I could feel sexy, win the guy, and live happily ever after. Yet, life seldom runs the course we desire.

But getting here was no small feat. As I mentioned, I did the day program and had been doing the daily workouts but nothing much changed. The reason being, I still had the mindset that standard training styles were best and that somehow I could out-train my nutrition choices. Little guidance from trainers and the words of the diet industry led me to believe that it was OK to consume wholewheat bread, white rice, soy products, and corn products.

He was just some random guy on the internet. I was trying so hard but I felt like I was going to fail again despite what I thought were my best efforts. So then I began to read, read, read, and read some more. It was time to transform my knowledge, mindset, habits, and kitchen. I was surprised at how liberating it was to detoxify my kitchen. If it had more than one ingredient, it went in the bin. I even went as far as to replace all toxic plastic containers with glass. I can now finally do 10 real push-ups and burpees with push-ups.

I love that I could get these result without having to spend hours slogging it out in the gym. But the best part was the cardio. I had running for long periods. So this is just the first step in transforming my body. I started by transforming my mindset and habits, and hopefully I will build the strong framework needed to transform my life and my body.

Thank you to MW for providing me the challenge to take action and transform my life. I became interested in MAX Workouts after asking a guy at the gym about where he got his workouts. I had noticed he would actually sweat and was short of breath during his workouts!! He referred me to MAX Workouts.

After visiting the website, I bought the e-books and got to work. I love the flexibility of the workouts. I can do them at home or the gym. I not only lost pounds and inches but my overall strength improved. This was most evident in my ability to now do 1 pull-up unassisted!! I plan to continue using MAX Workouts to maintain my body weight, increase my strength and improve my overall health! The last three years have been a huge challenge for me both personally and professionally.

At the age of fifty, I lost my business, my home and my self respect. My health suffered, my cholesterol levels rocketed and I felt constantly physically and mentally exhausted. My body fat percentage worked out at a dangerous Short of starving myself, the belly remained. Now aged 54, I realised something had to change, if I was going to restore my health and self respect then that something or someone was me. I also realized no one was going to do it for me.

It has been a challenging but enjoyable journey and I have learned a lot. Shin is an excellent mentor, his knowledge and expertise in his field foster trust and respect and his ability to put this forward to his students in a simple and easily understood way is a real skill.

I look forward to receiving his emails which always seem to arrive at the right time with the right subject matter just when you might be flagging a bit and need that boost! I have lost 4 inches from my waist and 2 inches from my hips where i needed it most.

My overall weight loss is a modest 7 lbs but I feel so much better and stronger. Friends remark on how toned I look and clothes fit where they should. I intend to continue with MAX Workouts. About four years ago, I took a job opportunity which relocated my life from Southern California to Sydney, Australia.

That decision changed everything. With all the drastic changes came a lot of stress, and I would often turn to the one thing that always brought me a sense of comfort: I ate junk and LOTS of it.

And when I felt really down, I would often bake to cheer myself up with cookies and brownies. I was basically living the polar opposite of the Lean Body Diet!! Then one day, I saw a photo from one of our holiday trips, and I did not recognise myself. I looked like a sad, fat little chipmunk. Years ago, I had a personal trainer, and I remembered how he always made me lift weights. So I started looking online for a program that incorporated strength training and free weights.

It was honest, straight up information, and I knew all I needed to do was follow it. Surprisingly, I still saw results, but they were minimal.

That process took about two years. The changes were happening but I wanted to accelerate my progress. I was looking forward to seeing what could happen if I actually pushed myself. Then I received the email about the upcoming contest so I decided to enter.

I could lift heavier used I also noticed how my body felt lighter because of what I was feeding it this time around—real food! My husband bought me a PVC pipe from the hardware supply store, and the rolling exercises actually did help my muscles recover more quickly! It makes you feel strong and quite honestly, a little bit gangster every time you lift.

And I liked how the routines changed every day, so I never got bored. Big thanks to Shin for your honest advice and your kickbutt program. I am 51 yrs old and I am considering this a progress report and not an end of a program. I have always been fairly active and thought of myself as being healthy. I had to have a physical for health insurance last year that included a blood test.

I needed to pass 4 out of 6 benchmarks in order to qualify for a reduced rate on my premium. To my surprise I did not pass.

I cut way back on the sugar as well as the carbs. And in the end I was able to cut my triglycerides in half and lowered my blood sugar level into a good range. All without any meds!

My husband John 43 years old has just finished your 12 week program and has had some great results! He started at 93 kg and has dropped to a lean His original motivation was to get his elevated blood pressure down and that dropped within 2 weeks of regular exercise but also cutting down his alcohol intake has gone hand in hand with the program. Now he enjoys a cup of tea shock horror!

I must say, the results from your program are very fast and effective. He has more energy and can now keep up with the younger guys on the motorbike track! The only downside is we now have to buy a new clothes as everything is falling off him…and he hates shopping!

So keep up the great work and we will be tuning in to your site. I am 46 years old and have always been reasonably fit. I really enjoy running. I have tried all sorts of weight training in the past and have spent a fair amount of money on things and supplements that did not work. Putting on the right kind of weight has always been my goal. Every single other programmme I have tried, I have ended up with just about the same measurements except I always gain a fat and bulging stomach — which is really annoying.

I know to all those people out there that are trying to lose weight, me gaining 5lbs in weight and 3. I have also lost 3. I have never bothered too much with my diet before because gaining a few pounds was always so difficult. I have been very impressed with my strength gains as well. I have nearly doubled my dumbbell weights since starting and can squat an extra 45 lbs on day 90 compared to day 1.

I am now feeling the fittest I have for many years and I may finally and consistently be adding muscle to my now not so skinny frame. Just one further positive example is that I went skiing I live in beautiful Slovakia when I was only 6 weeks in to the programme. I am only a beginner, but this time I found I had so much more strength and aerobic fitness. My body felt strong and able to cope so much better with the inevitable falls.

The next day I had no soreness or aches, where before I would have been hobbling around in agony. I am really looking forward to continuing with Max Workouts and hope that other hard gainers who are sceptical about being able to gain muscle weight will feel positive and use the programme like me. Fitness and physical training was introduced to me at a young age.

I remember my father taking my big brother and me to karate lessons. He thought teaching us self defense was very important. We went to karate lessons on and off but later discontinued once we moved houses. After we moved, my brother and I found a kung fu place and we started from scratch there learning a different style of martial arts.

We were taught by a good instructor. Someone who cared about your progress and corrected you if you were doing something wrong. He had my total respect and I will never forget him. My brother and I moved on as things do once you enter adulthood and other things took priority. As such we stopped doing martial arts. I continued some training on my own mainly doing some weightlifting at the gym and occasionally jogging.

I think I maintained a reasonably good fitness level until about 9 years ago. My training became less frequent and my diet went out the window. I mostly tried to do it on my own without reference to anything except my own past experience. Although I was using the same workouts that I had learnt, I was training harder than before I got married.

My feet and joints hurt. I missed that feeling so much. The feeling of being light on your feet and being able to do things. About the middle of last year, I stumbled on a website that promised that I could lose weight and get in shape in 12 weeks. I was keen to do this program. It sounded good so I went out and bought the equipment that I needed to do it. After a few weeks, my little garage became my gym and I commenced the program. I followed it to the letter and 6 weeks went by with little or no progress.

I was still hurting and overweight. I followed not only the workouts but also the diet that the program recommended. I gained some strength but as far as my shape and weight…well they stayed pretty much the same. So I stopped the program. At first I was skeptical because of what I went through.

I decided to subscribe to get the information and then decide whether or not to continue after I had seen it. The thing that impressed me was Shin. He reminded me a lot of my instructor. His mature and caring approach and humility. The information he gives. You can tell that he has put a lot of time and research into everything you read on his website.

The videos are fantastic and I have referred to them often in doing this transformation contest. I started the contest on Wednesday 11 January and finished on Wednesday 28 March 12 weeks later.

Did I follow the program to the letter? I decided to listen to Shin. The answers to problems that you have are on the website, in the emails that he sends to you during this contest. About 6 weeks ago my wife fractured her foot. I had to stop the program for few days. Everything fell on my shoulders. I was going to give up and you know what made not give up? It was an email from Shin. Just one of the emails that he sends to everyone during the contest. Just noticing that Shin was the sender of that email was enough to lift me and find a way to continue the program.

How have I finished the program? If I cant keep up with the cardio, I go slower to finish. Keep pushing yourself and keep away from plateaus. I feel that my journey has not ended here. Yes i definitely feel lighter. My feet and joints have stopped hurting me. I have dropped a few sizes in clothes. I can definitely do a lot more things than what I could 12 or so weeks ago. Sincerely with all my heart, you have helped me find my life again.

I also noticed that the Lean Body Diet works and is enjoyable. Anyway, I went through the program once, not completely consistent, and lost several pounds of fat and got stronger. After I finished the 12 week program I veered off for a while and got into a workout rut and gained some pounds back and got a little flabby again. When the contest came up and I voted.

I was impressed with the transformations and motivated to get back in the groove. So, I decided to enter the contest to challenge myself and see what I really could do in 12 weeks. The first 6 weeks I lost so much fat so fast my wife and parents thought I looked too skinny!

So I increased calories quite a bit and started building muscle. My goals were to get a 6-pack, lose about 10 pounds, and get stronger. I wish I had known this stuff 35 years ago — my whole life would have been much different. Before taking on the MaxWorkout 90 day program I was reaching towards kg which I never was at before. With the arrival of my firstborn, it seemed that I was the one gaining the weight and not my wife, the good life I guess. My cholesterol level was at which was at a high level, once again, I love eating but there are consequences if you dont execrcise or eat correctly.

I was always in good shape but let my self go over the last couple of years and the kilos kept on slowly adding on. I decided to do the 90 day workout because I didnt have access to a gym and could only use my home garage. The workouts also seemed interesting and most importantly, quick.

There is only a few hours left in the day with a little one to look after, so I thought that this was the right workout for me.

I could note that after the 1st week of training that my body muscles would twitch, which meant that something good was happening. As the weeks rolled on, I would get that bit stronger and within the first 3 weeks I lost 2 kilos! Sure there were times that I was tired, but I would do something light rather than miss a session.

By the end of the workout I lost 5 kilos and my core body strength was phenomenal. I would get comments from my neighbours and colleagues of how good I looked! Before I started I had worked for one year in a very stressful job, many hours per day, with shifts by night, so I got used to eat a lot of bread, crisps or pasta when I arrived home.

After the program I could laugh those commentaries because I was in better shape than before I was pregnant. I asked for help to my sister because she was finished a personal trainer course and she recommended me The MAX Workouts program.

Everything is absolutely so true and it is easy for me to understand because I studied like Shin also biochemistry, physiology, anatomy, medicine, nutrition, etc. I started first the diet alone and only with that I lost 2 Kg, 3 weeks before I started the program.

So, in reality i started with 59Kg. I was very restrict with the diet and the workouts, I stopped to eat all junk food, bread, pasta, cookies, etc.

I started to lift dumbbells with 4. I need to stop 2 weeks at the middle because I get injured in one foot while I was jumping rope. I never jumped rope again, I started to run instead. But also during this period I lost weight. The clothes started to become big and I started to buy smaller clothes, I started with the number 40 or 38 for trousers and M for tops and I finished with the 34 and XS. After I finished the program I continued with the daily workouts and I achieve the 48kg, and I am more strong than ever.

I think this is really my ideal weight and shape because is how I look good, and I am really small, my bones are small and thin. I improved my health, my confidence, I feel prettier, I stopped to worry about my belly, my energy and my strength increased, I can easily pick up my 4 years old daughter and sometimes one of my patients when I am working, my body looks amazing.

I recommend to everyone. After leaving school I started gaining weight due to lack of exercise. I tried MANY different diets and exercise regimes but none worked very well. I happened to come across the MAX Workouts program and found that everything I believed about food and diet was completely wrong. In the past diets were hard, I was always hungry, irritable and tired. Now on this program, the eating plan fits me perfectly. The workouts are my favorite.

But after putting on weight I was too embarrassed to start those again. Going to the gym for 2 hours a day was just plain boring and there were very little results. Now with short intense workouts, they are great fun and I can workout from the comfort of my home. I have so much more energy and am starting to see some results.

I still have a long ways to go, but at least I feel hope now. I could barely run a quarter mile before being completely out of breath, and I was always tired.

Having no energy was probably the worst because I needed to be able to keep up with my busy schedule. I am a second year Doctor of Physical Therapy student, a wife, a mom to two Rottweiler puppies, and a part-time wedding photographer.

This schedule left me little time to work-out. Now that I have completed the 12 week program, I have lost a total of 16 pounds and My BMI went from the overweight category at My posture has also improved by strengthening my back muscles. I am now almost back down to the size I was when I got married and am looking forward to completing another round of the MAX Workouts to accomplish this goal.

I now have workouts to turn to for life. I now feel I look like what my husband has always said he saw when looking at me. As I said it is not as dramatic a change as a short person losing a lot of weight. I lost 10 pounds, but put on muscle, my subcutaneous fat is pretty much gone. Most important to me is that I have increased my running speed by 10 minutes over 10Km in just three months just doing the cardio workouts The dietary changes have totally increased my energy levels and general health…and as a single mother of three, working full time, going back to school full time…that is also a very big deal for me.

He is 10 years younger than I am and does the hour long workout they offer three times a week…. Then I hit a wall stayed at the same weight of between lbs. I started steering away from working out because I had no results. Then I got in a really bad head-on-collision car accident. But I told myself if I healed from these injuries that I would not take life for granted.

Not only did it give me the best results I ever experience, it gave me back the energy to be active and live life to the fullest. I was no longer depressed. Unfortunately I lost my before measurements for my chest, waist, etc. It was a definitely a challenge and well worth it. I could see that I was getting stronger from week to week. What I like most is that I can get these results in short workouts. It will be part of my lifestyle from now on.

Skinny body with no muscle tone and a big belly. Now, those days are about to become just part of my past - bad memories. MAX Workouts is my first attempt and commitment on lifestyle modification and based on the testimonials I have found what suits me best. Maybe because it IS grounded in science and research, and the group that founded this are credible. I truly believed that it will give me the body that I want.

My main goal for committing to this is my burning desire to get rid of my unsightly bellyfat. The workouts are short and intense and no flimflam. This is NOT for the undisciplined, unmotivated and quitters. Changing my diet brought me a lot of benefits, too: And for the technicals: Replies in just a few minutes!

The articles really help and made me open my eyes to what really are good for me and not. The Day Challenge made me a better person. It definitely sounds cheesy but it really did. I went somewhere where I thought I would never go. Thank you very much MAX Workouts. You are a makeover expert - physically, mentally and emotionally. And now my measurements… Date Start: My name is Jeff. I am 45 years old. By the time I was 41 I was 50 pounds overweight. This caused me a number of health issues.

In the summer of I joined a local gym with a friend. We started by walking on the treadmill and using the rowing machine. We were both intimidated by the machines and free weights. We decided to try a personal trainer. My friend died unexpectedly before we could start. I went ahead and worked with the trainer for about a month. Some of the exercises he had me doing were similar to thoses in MAX Workouts. The trainer plays football at the local university and had to take time off for that.

I looked on line to see if I could find workouts similar to what I had started. I found MAX Workouts and decided to give it a try. I was kind of skeptical at first. I liked the idea of getting results without spending hours at the gym. I started the 90 day workout in September for the first time.

I was amazed at how I improved each week. By week 6 people who knew me commented on how I looked. Shortly after I injured my leg, not related and not able to continue.

This was very frustrating especially not being able to do cardio. I did loose 13 pounds in thoses 6 weeks. After 2 months my leg had improved where I could run again. I decided to enter a 12 week challenge that my gym offered. My start date was January 7, and end date was April 1, I restarted the 90 day MAX Workouts. This time paying close attention to the Lean Body Diet. The results were almost immediate.

People I know as well as trainers at the gym were amazed at the results. I kind of felt like I was cheating. I had an unfair advantage with the diet and exercises you provided. I saw other people working out without the results I was getting.

Your e-mails have been extremely helpful and very encouraging. It seemed like whenever I had a question you already had an answer. I bragged about the information you provided that continued to make me successful. Everyone is so amazed by the results I got in just 90 days. I feel 20 years younger and people tell me I look 10 years younger. People I talked to said that was unrealistic but good to have a goal. I never thought I could look or feel this good. When I started your workouts I could not do all of them.

Thank you for providing modified and substitute exercises. I had moderate arthritis in my hips, back and shoulders when I started. I also hate doing crunches and ab exercises on my back. Thank you so much for my new life. The following are my before and after measurements: When I was in high school I played offensive line for our football team. That pretty much entailed getting as large as possible through diet eating everything in sight and then a little bit more and exercise lifting weights for strength and size.

By the time I graduated I weighed in at lbs. But where do you start? Lifting was to get big and cardio was to slim down. That led me to believe that the only way for me to lose weight was to cut out calories and log some serious miles on runs. Starting out, it worked! But after a very short time I hit a plateau and was stuck. I started to research more about nutrition and exercise. I began to learn about what foods were better options for you and that there were other ways to lean up other than just running and running and running.

I read through the description of it and right then and there I was sold. I ordered it right away and started it the next day. The only word I can use to describe my initial experience with Max Workouts.. I thought that I was in pretty decent shape but this program proved me wrong.

My definition of fitness was starting to get redefined. Fast forward a few years. Overall, I had maintained my original weight loss pretty well. I would fluctuate about 5 lbs here and there and ate pretty healthy but never was overly disciplined with my diet.

That coupled with no real plan for workouts just ended up getting me fatter. I was starting to get stuck in a rut. Then last year I started a new job and my wife and I had a baby.

Somewhere along the line working out got shoved to the back burner behind getting a house ready for our first child and familiarizing myself at work. I could tell that the pounds where starting to sneak back on because my clothes were getting tighter and I was feeling sluggish and unmotivated.

I knew my standard of nutrition had dropped dramatically and working out was almost nonexistent. It was time for a change and this could be the catalyst to getting me back on track.

Even workouts that look like cake on paper will whoop you when you get to the end. Shin you are a madman but I love it! I started off this 90 day challenge weighing in at lbs. That is the most I have weighed since the first time I started to lose weight over 6 years ago. The first couple weeks were brutal. I could barely walk but it was from the good pain.

It was from the pain that every time it hurt it told you that you were accomplishing something and moving forward. After the initial shock of going from working out once or twice every couple of weeks I began to notice improvements. I wanted to not be ashamed of what I looked like.

I wanted to get in good shape, put on useable, lean muscle and remind myself what it is to be healthy and happy about whom I am. Max Workouts helped me do that. To say that MAX Workouts alone got me to my end result of these 90 days would be a lie. Nutrition played a huge role too! After all, you cannot outwork poor nutrition. Even with MAX Workouts. I would make a smoothie every morning that would have: This thing was great! It sounds like it would taste absolutely horrible but I promise, you would really only taste the fruit and protein powder flavor.

I hate eating vegetables so I decided that I would drink them instead. That smoothie would wake me up, give me energy and keep me full far longer than anything else I have ever had for breakfast. Lunches would be another smaller smoothie and some cottage cheese and an apple. Or I would have a spinach salad with some grilled chicken, black beans, avocado and a little bit of a salsa on top.

Dinners were just a lean protein fish, chicken or turkey with a vegetable and the occasional sweet potato. My other goal was to continue to cut out sweets completely. I also had my fair share of setbacks. I got sick for 2 weeks, had a back spasm for 4 days straight and had to travel for work a couple of times.

I also had a weekly night class that made working out almost impossible that day of the week. I am actually a little upset at myself for missing so many workouts because I know that my results would have been that much better had I got in all of the workouts that I missed. Shin has it set up so that no matter where you start physically, you can always have a workout to do. It is extremely rewarding and I will continue to do Max Workouts for my fitness training as long as I can train.

I visited the site, read all the promotion material and decided I would give the program a shot. While the other programs were successful in certain areas, the MAX Workouts program was the best overall. It changed my overall fitness in every area. Not only did I get leaner and more flexible but I got much stronger than I anticipated.

My cardio also vastly improved over the 3 months. I started the program at pounds and wore a 36 inch pant. After going through the program and following the Lean Body diet, I weighed in at and now I need a belt for a couple pairs of my new 30 inch jeans. Along with the leanness, strength and improved cardio, I also improved the condition of my right knee.

While at the start of the program, it was giving me some trouble, as the weeks went on, it started hurting less and less. Now I have little to no problems with all the workouts and cardio sessions, which are done on a treadmill at sprinting speeds. The Lean Body Diet was a great educational tool in my efforts to get fit. Worse was that I found out I was consuming way too many carbs. Once I balanced my diet, the weight started dropping. My two main goals when I started the program were to get lean and become better athletically.

MAX Workouts was the perfect program to both. Now comes the hard part, maintenance. As long as I follow the Lean Body diet and keep up with the workouts, that will be no problem. After having 2 children I have been riding the roller coaster of gaining weight and losing weight and then gaining weight again.

I have never been able to maintain my goal weight for a very long period. I will gain weight gradually and before I know it I will be back where I started. I must say that is absolutely the way to go. There is no easy way or quick fix in losing weight. I had to work very hard.

In the morning I would go to gym for 1. I would cut out fat and sugar here and there and that would be it. After a few months I would combine cardio and gym into 1. I did lose a lot of weight with the support of my personal trainer.

The winter months came and my little daughter caught the flu at the crèche on an ongoing basis and as a result I would also be sick most of the time. I exercised less and less and eventually stopped. A year later and I have gained almost all the weight back again. In the meanwhile life has become so busy between my children in school, activities after school and being an artist that having spare time became somewhat of a luxury.

And although I knew I have a strong mind to do something, the idea of doing it all over again just finally left me discouraged and without energy to attempt any kind of effort. I was caught between two worlds.

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