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In the process, Louis learns about Hanukkah and the power of friendship and goodwill. Display their FAQs Customers have questions, you have answers. Photographs showcase children in a Jewish preschool as they prepare for Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath, by making challah, a traditional, braided egg bread. Patrick encouraged me to transition into sales, and has been a mentor and someone I look up to throughout my career. What do you think his neighbors do?

Books for PJ Library are chosen from among the very best of Jewish children's books. A committee of writers, early childhood professionals, and Jewish content specialists seek out compelling stories, captivating illustrations, and diverse perspectives on Jewish customs and practice.
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I was so relieved to open my box from amazon to find this set was the official pj masks toys that are pictured. But Mel grows fond of Indik, the turkey. He's desperate to know -- is it possible to celebrate Thanksgiving without roast turkey. Now what is he to do with these hungry, smelly, slip-sliding creatures? Old Noah's Elephants In this Israeli folktale, God advises Noah to put a stop to the misbehavior of two elephants by tickling a hyena.

Once Upon a Shabbos A bear keeps taking the honey needed for the Shabbos kugel noodle pudding , until Grandma learns he is lost and invites the bear to come to dinner. One City, Two Brothers Based on a folktale told by both Jews and Arabs, this story is of two brothers quietly and lovingly caring for each other. The place where they meet is said by some to have been chosen as the site of Jerusalem.

One Fine Shabbat Seth and Sadie Fine look forward to Shabbat all week, when they spend quality time with their parents doing cozy, meaningful activities. This sweet book shows that concept in action. One Little Chicken When Leora finds a chicken in her front yard, she imagines keeping it; her mother has a very different view. After all, how much trouble can one little chicken be?

One, Two, Three Purim! Dressing in costume, baking hamantaschen, making noise -- it must be Purim! Getting ready for this holiday is as easy -- and fun -- as one, two, three. One, Two, Three, Shabbat! Shabbat rituals are filled with rich sensory experiences. One, Two, Three, Sukkot! For little ones, holidays like Sukkot are all about hands-on activities -- and counting them is as easy as one, two, three!

Only Nine Chairs How in the world do you handle nineteen guests at a seder when you only have nine chairs? The Only One Club As the only Jewish child in her class, a young girl not only learns that each person is unique but is able to share this understanding with her classmates.

From the jungle-drum infused rhythms of Zum Gali Gali to a swinging jazz rendition of Eitz Chayim, this is one children's CD parents won't mind listening to again and again. Guest musicians Craig Taubman and Rick Rechtjoin in the fun as well. Life in a Shoe Poor Lou! He lives in a shoe -- with a LOT of kids. The rabbi has an idea of what to do -- but it seems like his suggestion will just make life worse for Lou! No matter what you do, they always say the same things: One day their niece and nephew try to get them to say something else.

The result is funny for everyone -- and a nice reminder of how special family is. But what would Hanukkah be without them? Meanwhile, follow the instructions to make some Hanukkah crafts of your own. How can they both keep theparakeet?

Passover Around the World Holiday rituals from a variety of countries are explored in this intriguing Passover book. Practices from Ethiopia, India, Turkey, and Gibraltar, among other places, are included.

Jacob wants to invite his friend and neighbor, Benito, to their seder, but Benito has never been to a seder before. Soon everyone is about to have a brand-new experience. The house is very clean Passover Magic Spring and the relatives arrive in this story in which a family celebrates Passover with a seder. Among the special relatives is Uncle Harry, dentist by day and magician by night.

Hametz gets a little too involved with the afikomen, however. With rhyming text, the Passover celebration is explored — complete with family, food, facts, and fun!

The Peace Book What is peace? According to The Peace Book, it means making friends, helping someone in need, sharing what you have, and being yourself. Peace, Love, and Music Peace, Love, Music is a dynamic compilation album including songs performed by some of the top artists in Jewish music exploring themes of peace through faith, social action, self-empowerment, and community. Pearl Moscowitz's Last Stand Pearl loved her street. She loved the people on her street, and she loved the trees on her street -- planted there by her mother years before.

Little does Sara know that Carly has a reason for her outburst. When their mutual love of music brings harmony to Shabbat dinner as well as to their friendship, Carly finally gets the chance to reveal her secret. Picture a Tree Close your eyes and picture a tree. Everyone knows what a tree looks like, right? But there are so many different ways to look at them -- and appreciate all the things that they do.

And because no one ever told him that art shouldn't be about shtetl life, his drawings are filled with rabbis, wedding canopies, even fiddlers on roofs! It turns out that's partly what makes his art so special. So when he created his famous picture book, A Snowy Day, he had an idea about how to write and draw his main character, Peter.

On the first night of Hanukkah, Annie takes the lead -- and makes sure potatoes play a starring role. Purim Chicken When the barnyard animals decide to put on a Purim play, Cluck the chicken wishes she could play Queen Esther -- but that role goes to Quack the duck.

But when Quack goes missing, Cluck springs into action -- both on and off the stage. Purim Masquerade Purim is a holiday filled with fun, but perhaps the best part is dressing up! This book introduces young readers to the main characters in the Purim story -- in mask form.

Purim Play With her cousins sick, Frannie is disappointed that her neighbor, Mrs. Teplitzky, a former actress, arrives in a splendid costume. The elderly widow turns out to be a superbvillain and steals the show. She also becomes a friend. How will Esther find the courage to stand up for the rights of her people? But they get locked out just before their Hanukkah party! Who will save the day? The Rabbi and the Twenty-nine Witches A clever rabbi is finally able to overcome the witches that frighten the villagers once each month, when the moon is full.

They also make him all sorts of delicious foods throughout the year -- and before Rabbi Benjamin knows it, that vest is a little bit tight. Raisel's Riddle In this Jewish variation on the Cinderella theme, Raisel is a heroine who understands what is important in life as well as what it takes to be truly happy. Stein and their two sons eagerly adopt a baby girl from Vietnam into their Jewish home. Red, Blue and Yellow Yarn: But when Danny makes a big mistake, Bubbie surprises him -- and shows him the love and forgiveness that is passed down generation after generation.

She loves poking around backstage. But one day, Rifka herself is in the spotlight! A Challah Day Tale When Sammy and Sophie find a crumpled piece of paper in the attic, it leads them on a delicious adventure with Grandma Gert at her retirement center.

Many American holidays and traditions are new to them -- including Thanksgiving. Can Jews celebrate this holiday? Rivka helps her bubbe and the rabbi figure it out. Room for the Baby The Jewish holidays mark the passage of time as a family prepares for a new baby to join their family. Just how will they make room in their already-crowded home? The Rooster Prince of Breslov In this variation on a well-known Yiddish tale, a young prince takes on the ways of a rooster.

His frantic parents try everything they can think of to cure their son. At last, a wise and patient old man tries something very different. Rosh Hashanah is Coming! How do we know Rosh Hashanah is coming? There are so many hints! In this story children point to all the signals that the Jewish New Year is approaching. Rosie Saves the World Rosie is gung-ho to perform good deeds for everyone in her neighborhood. She wants to save the world! But what about the things her family needs her to do?

She's about to learn that tikkun olam, saving the world, starts in one's very own home. The Sabbath Lion In this Algerian folktale, Yosef is determined to keep the Sabbath -- even though he is in the middle of a dangerous desert journey. Can he bring Nuggles? Or will the other campers laugh at him? Sadie helps him out.

But, uh-oh -- in her haste, something terrible happens. How will Sadie be able to enjoy Hanukkah now? To Sadie and Ori, this holiday is a mystery -- so they went to their Grandpa helped them solve it.

Sadie's Snowy Tu B'Shevat Sadie knows Tu B'Shevat, the birthday of the trees, is a traditional time to plant a tree -- but it's too snowy where she lives.

Her grandmoteher helps Sadie and her brother, Ori, come up with another way to express love and care for the planet we live on. Sam and Charlie and Sam Too! Sammy Spider tags along to the synagogue to see what it's all about. Can Sammy become a bar mitzvah someday, too? In this story, he learns a little bit about all of them! Sammy Spider's First Day of School The ever-curious Sammy Spider visits a Jewish preschool, where the teacher uses the story of Noah's Ark to engage the children in a discussion about "an important Jewish value"--kindness to animals.

Young Josh is making a grogger noisemaker to take to a celebration at the synagogue. Sammy Spider wants to join in the fun, but his mother reminds him, "Spiders don't celebrate holidays; spiders spin webs.

Will Sammy escape and get home to his mother? Sammy Spider's First Simchat Torah Sammy Spider and Josh both learn about the celebration of Simchat Torah — complete with Israeli flags, stories, conversation, and a parade through the synagogue.

He's a spider, so he can't always take part, but he always learns a lot. On Yom Kippur he learns something very important: In the process, they each make a new friend and learn some Hebrew words. Happily for Sara, she learns that doing thing can be its own reward.

A year later, when little baby Isaac comes along, she gives him the most appropriate name. Say Hello, Lily Lily wants to accompany her mother on her visits as she volunteers at Shalom House, an assisted living facility. The kindness and patience shown by the elderly residents help Lily overcome her shyness.

Can they help Moses cross the Red Sea? This time the adventurous twins find themselves in ancient Jerusalem, where King Solomon wants to build a Temple, but without using any tools of war.

That's where the shamir, a funny little insect, comes in! When Friday rolls around, everyone helps clean up as the family prepares for Shabbat.

The Secret Shofar of Barcelona In this story set in Spain in the s, the son of a conductor blows the shofar in preparation for Rosh Hashanah, a practice he must keep secret. How can he get his hiccups to quiet down? Everyone has a remedy Jump and cheer as this family -- including the puppy!

Eventually, though, the dogis permitted to join in, with sweet results. Sing along with the lion, monkey, and toucan as they get everything ready for Friday night dinner.

Shabbat, Love, Music This compilation album focuses on the joys of Shabbat. Families can sing, learn, dance, and celebrate together as some of the top artists in Jewish music rhapsodize about the peace, fun, and beauty of Shabbat. He sees many people and things he loves along the way -- family, animals, and friends. This simple, dynamic board book explores the many expressions of shalom.

Hit all the hot tourist spots with this furry blue monster. Just when the box starts to wear out, Rosh Hashanah comes around again. The Shema in the Mezuzah All the townspeople in this small shtetl hang mezuzot in their doorways -- but should they hang them vertically, horizontally, standing up or lying down?

The people argue and argue, so the rabbi suggests they read the Shema closely to find the answer. Shh… Shh… Shabbat All week long, animals are hustling and bustling, this way and that.

But when Friday evening arrives, everyone quiets down to enjoy the peace of Shabbat -- frogs, turtles, mice, even humans! Songs in the Garden Musician and teacher Melita Doostan, along with kids' folk band Octopretzel, offer songs from Shabbat circles and festive gatherings. Shlemazel and the Remarkable Spoon of Pohost In this retelling of a folktale, lazy Shlemazel is tricked into believing that fame and fortune await him -- if only he uses a very special spoon in the correct way.

Shlemiel Crooks A pair of thieves lose their horse and wagon while trying to steal a shipment of kosher Passover wine from Israel. But what should Shmulik paint? What happens when that person gets the sniffles? Just as the show must go on, so must the shofar Hearing the shofar is an exciting experience for children. After beginning with this important holiday tradition, the author then introduces dipping apples in honey, making greeting cards and baking round challah.

A Sick Day for Amos McGee Every day, zookeeper Amos McGee rides the bus to the zoo, where he plays chess with the elephant, races the tortoise, and reads stories to the owl.

But one day he feels too sick to go to work, so his animal friends hop on the bus to visit him -- performing the mitzvah of bikur cholim , visiting the sick.

Before long, Amos will feel healthy as a horse. Sign Language Shabbat The children in this book sign words for things people do on Shabbat, such as eat challah, drink wine or grape juice, sing Shabbat songs, and of course! Simchat Torah Is Coming! Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot have just ended, and the synagogue is getting ready to have a big celebration with its Torah.

What holiday is coming? Stuck on an ice floe, Simon lights his menorah. A nearby polar bear notices Sing with Me, Jewish Style Sing along to traditional childhood favorites with a twist of Jewish values, holidays, and humor. Sky-High Sukkah Leah wants a sukkah of her own -- but she lives in an apartment with no yard. Where could she possibly put a sukkah? Her neighbors help her think of the perfect place -- and then help her make it come to be.

Snuggles, Love, Music Listen to the voices of some of the best contemporary Jewish singers on this calming soundscape for you and your baby. This compilation of songs has been curated by the experts at PJ Library and is a gift to you, as much as for your child. These songs will become bedtime favorites! Solomon and the Trees According to this midrash, when Solomon was young he used to spend his days in the forest with his dear animal friends. Once he became king, however, he forgot how important it was to take care of the earth.

In this story, he is reminded to take careof the world around him. Sussman In this contemporary tale, humor and perseverance are necessary for a matchmaker to find just the right someone for a very picky bachelor. As Bubbie always says: As Joseph grows and changes, his grandfather makes the blanket change, too -- into a jacket, a vest, a tie, even a button. What happens when the last of the blanket finally disappears?

On the day of her simchat bat Jewish welcoming ceremony for a baby girl Mira finallyfinds the answer to all the wailing! Songs from the Mountain This album features bluegrass music Jewish-style, soulfully presented with English and Hebrew lyrics in original and traditional songs.

It includes the most popular and current songs taught and sung at Jewish overnight camps. Sounds Like Summer Vol. These summertime hits are the musical backdrop of the joy experienced at Jewish day and overnight camps throughout the world.

Imagine sitting around a campfire, experiencing the joys of music at summer camp. These summertime hits are the musical backdrop of the joy experienced at Jewish day and overnight camps.

From groovy to nostalgic, PJ Library curated this compilation to highlight contemporary Jewish music from Jewish summer camps. He decides to try a few tricks of his own -- but gets into a few scrapes along the way. In Chelm, anything can happen -- and does. Maya and her dad have to figure out how to save it!

The Story of Esther The Purim story, full of drama, brings together a mighty king, a jealous scoundrel, and a wise uncle. At its center is a clever heroine, Queen Esther. It was her courage that saved the Jewish people at a dangerous time. This retelling will have you on the edge of your seat. The Story of Queen Esther The king may have married Queen Esther because she was beautiful -- but she was smart and brave, too, which is why she was able to save her people.

Which holiday do you think is near? The title gives it away! Sukkot Treasure Hunt The holiday of Sukkot involves lots of special "treasures. And who says the guests have to be Jewish? Sunrise, Sunset "Swiftly flow the days! A Sweet Passover Passover is a wonderful time to spend with family, but after a whole week of it, Miriam is getting pretty darn tired of matzah! Take Care Tikkun olam , repairing the world, is a fundamental Jewish value.

The Tale of Meshka the Kvetch Meshka has a tendency to exaggerate -- and she forgets to be grateful for what she has. A Tale of Two Mountains Though each has what the other urgently needs, pride stands in the way of the happiness in this tale of two young rulers from disparate kingdoms. In the process, Tamar comes to understand something about cooperation, friendship, and what makes a sukkah just what it should be. Tashlich at Turtle Rock On Rosh Hashanah, many families participate in tashlich, a tradition of throwing bread crumbs into water to wash away the mistakes of the past year.

But this family has their own spin on tashlich -- and it takes place at Turtle Rock. Tea with Zayde Teatime with Zayde is always fun! Ten Old Men and a Mouse In this gentle tale, the ten elderly men who faithfully come together at their synagogue each day for prayer and friendship develop a fondness for a little mouse that appears one day. Terrible, Terrible In this contemporary take on a beloved Jewish folktale, a rabbi helps Abigail discover the wonderful aspects of her newly-blended family.

Thank You For Me! Why not learn them in two languages? That's a Mitzvah Doing good deeds and mitzvot is fun! Join this energetic meerkat as he describes everyday kindnesses that even the youngest among us can perform. The Lion and the Bird. Growing up has never been so cool! This Is Me is a compilation including songs about the environment, gratitude, family, peace, and community performed by some of the top artists in Jewish music.

This is the Challah When Bubbe and her grandchild bake challah for Shabbat, they make a big mess -- and have a great time doing it. Told in rhyme, this story illustrates the hustle and bustle of getting ready for Shabbat -- and the peacefulness that settles when it arries.

Tikkun Olam Ted How can very young children participate in activities that make the world a better place? Little Ted shows us specific ways of participating in tikkun olam repairing the world. Tikvah Means Hope While preparing for the holiday of Sukkot, a flash fire in California leads neighbors to experience a modern miracle involving a little cat.

Todah Babies have so many blessings -- so many things to say todah thank you for! And so do their parents. All you need to do is stop and notice. Today is the Birthday of the World Rosh Hashanah is the birthday of the world, a day when God and all Earth's creatures celebrate, applauding the contribution that each and every one of us -- from the mightiest elephant to the smallest child -- can make.

A Passover Parable Oops! Each family member adds his or her own favorite ingredients to the Passover charoses, until the finished product is something no one would choose to eat! These creative sounds are guaranteed to inspire wonder, joy, and singing. Billy Jonas makes innovative use of found objects, using the rhythm of words, the body, and instruments to inspire young and old.

Expect the unexpected in this eclectic collection of songs. The Treasure Isaac keeps having the same dream -- about a treasure hidden under a bridge. Finally he sets out to find it. A Tree is Nice Why is it nice to have a tree? This book describes a variety of ways in which people make use of trees and explains some of the many reasons that they are so important to us all.

The Trees of the Dancing Goats During a scarlet fever epidemic in Michigan, the members of a Jewish family help make Christmas special for their very sick neighbors. Tu B'Shevat Is Coming! It's still chilly outside, and furry animals hide, but Tu B'Shevat -- the birthday of the trees! The whole family celebrates by planting a tree, eating fruits and nuts, and appreciating the many gifts the earth offers.

Uncle Eli promises Daniel something special on the wedding day. Uri Uri Uri Uri is grooving Jewish music for the whole family. These are creative, moving, and inspiring melodies children and their parents! A Sukkot Mystery Sara and her mom make a special trip to the country to choose decorations for the family sukkah. How will they solve this problem?

We Are Jewish Faces Little ones love looking at faces of all kinds. Happy faces, sad faces, old faces, young faces -- any kind of face can be a Jewish face.

We Sang that at Camp This collection of Hebrew and English favorites takes you back to the rowdy mess hall, Shabbat services in the woods, and the crackle of the campfire. Beautifully arranged and performed by musicians with Jewish camp in their souls, it's music that thentire family can enjoy. Welcome Polar Bear and his friends have lost their home.

Will they find a safe place to stay? After several animals turn them away, the polar bears find an empty spot where they can settle. And now someone else needs a home Welcome Song for Baby With delightful photos and engaging text, this book offers a Jewish perspective on the many joys of welcoming a little one into the family. Dina is sure this New Year will be no fun at all What I Like About Passover Passover arrives, and a little girl shares her favorite parts of the celebration of the holiday.

Apples and honey are a traditional Rosh Hashanah treat -- but how does the honey make it to the Rosh Hashanah table? You're about to find out everything you ever wanted to know about honey! When I First Held You The unique and immediate connections between parents and newborns come to life in this sweet Israeli lullaby. When It's Purim With simple rhyming text we share the experience of little children making hamantashen to give as gifts on Purim.

The rabbi in her town decides to give Jessie his ticket to America, where she works for years to save enough money to send for her beloved grandmother. When Mindy Saved Hanukkah A miniature-sized Jewish family living behind the wall of a synagogue must deal with a scary cat if they are to get the candles they need for their Hanukkah menorah.

But when Simchat Torah rolls around, Zeesie sees a different side of him. Something about this holiday brings out joy in everyone -- even Zaydeh! Where is Baby's Dreidel? It's Hanukkah and Baby wants to spin the dreidel, but how can that happen unless she finds it first? Where is the Afikomen? Where could it be? Look up, down, and all around! Who's Got the Etrog? Aunti Sanyu welcomes all the animals into her sukkah -- Warthog, Lion, Giraffe, Elephant, you name it.

After all, Sukkot is all about welcoming guests! But someone is having a hard time sharing. This story is set in Uganda, but its moral will feel very close to home wherever you happen to be. He also invited a dog with a big, silly nose -- and a sweet, kind disposition. So why do dogs have wet noses today? The Wisdom Bird In this story based on Jewish and African tales, the Queen of Sheba travels a great distance to meet King Solomon, who is known far and wide for his wisdom.

During her visit, both the queen and king learn important lessons from a little bird. The Wooden Sword Disguised as a servant, an Afghani shah slips out of his palace to get to know his people.

When he encounters a poor Jewish shoemaker full of faith that everything will turn out just as it should, he decides to test that faith. Abbott's team is courteous, and listens to the target needs of our staff and clients. His integrity is unquestionable, and his ability to create client intimacy is in a class alone. Patrick is one of the most highly motivated and energetic people I've ever worked with - so I am confident in writing this recommendation, with first hand experience.

Our business grew significantly, based on the direct support, knowledge and service from Patrick. He always evaluated a situation, worked diligently to understand the need, and solicited the necessary resources for the best outcome.

His experience in various disciplines of the specialty chemical business, coupled with his understanding of the industry, and ability to enlist the right team; offered a solid platform for overcoming challenges and creating opportunity. His uplifting, energetic attitude always positively influenced our staff. He would be considered an asset in any system. The Sheriff's Association of Texas is proud to announce and endorse our partnership with.

This opportunity will present a significant offering of charitable support for our association, training, scholarships, community awareness programs, and quality of life for our law enforcement members.

In addition to the indirect impact for each of our members, a direct benefit will be offered from the programs presented by this program. Marketing Empire Solutions will offer members access to member benefits ranging from no charge upgrades to lower costs. We applaud the efforts of Marketing Empire Solutions, and their vision for an improved quality of life for our law enforcement community. Patrick PJ is very detailed and produced results for our company, sourcing products we wanted and finding a price that would work.

Pat is one of the most dynamic people with whom I have had the privilege to meet. A great mentor and a tireless entrepreneur are the two best words I'd use to describe Pat.

Pat has helped me and others in our careers with sage advice and a can do team spirit that encourages those around him. Pat's obviously a man of many talents and his personal courage shows through in everything he does and every relationship he has. When you need someone at your back, there is no one better than Pat. A leader by example, a team-player with boundless enthusiasm, and a rock-solid colleague PJ is one of the most passionate and creative people I know. No matter what company he is starting or involved in, he brings a unique combination of vision and business savvy.

Most important, his desire to make things better for all of us in any way he can dominates his actions. Patrick PJ , is on of the most passionate, dedicated, hard working people I have ever met.

There is no deadline to tight, no meeting too far, he will get the job done. He also has a vast area of expertise that gives him the ability to efficiently navigate every aspect of just about any endeavor. His creative thinking coupled with his expertise and work ethic make him highly recommended in every way. Great leader to work with A pleasure to work with.

Patrick is considered one of the most sought consultants in the market. He is devoted, accurate, passionate, client service oriented and flexible. He will go past the extra mile 4: This man and his team's are top notch and exemplify extreme integrity.

He has extreme professionalism, enthusiasm and the highest standards of integrity. What really sets Patrick apart as a Sales Manager is his enthusiasm and integrity. Patrick encouraged me to transition into sales, and has been a mentor and someone I look up to throughout my career. Patrick Abbott is a skilled sales person and relationship manager. He does not simply take a customer out to lunch and take orders, but instead he constantly strives to build strong relationships through honestly, integrity and simple hospitality.

This has enabled him to acquire information about markets in which I was interested in pursuing, while establishing potential lighthouse customers and development partners. Although Pat is perfectly capable of performing basic sales work, his enthusiasm in the face of a challenge and willingness to push forward into new area are factors that set him apart from the field of other sales personnel.

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He wholeheartedly believes in everything he does and shares his passion with everyone. His drive, motivation, and success are built on a strong foundation as a family man. I've always admired PJ's ability to directly communicate what he wants and then to go make it happen. His talents, skills, and dedication combine to be rise above the rest. Pat is extremely customer focused.

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He is very knowledgeable, professional and easy to talk to.

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