'Kingdom Hearts 3' made me feel 15 again

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Description Accept darkness One can still look awesome! This Organization XIII hoodie zips up front with the round emblem stitched on and onto the pockets edges. The sleeves are flared and long, reminiscing of the long coats. The chain has beads echoing the design and is removable.
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May 15,  · Kingdom Hearts 2 Organization 13 Coat!!! Okays I don't know where else to put it so I'll put it here since there are so many people planning on being Organization 13 characters and have no clue where to buy one if the case well I just found programadereconstrucaocapilar.ml can burn a hole in your pocket but it would be worth the perfect cosplay.
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May 15,  · Kingdom Hearts 2 Organization 13 Coat!!! Okays I don't know where else to put it so I'll put it here since there are so many people planning on being Organization 13 characters and have no clue where to buy one if the case well I just found programadereconstrucaocapilar.ml can burn a hole in your pocket but it would be worth the perfect cosplay.

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Soul Eater Justin Law Cosplay. Tegami Bachi Gauche Suede Cosplay. It was an all around an amazing experience. I went to my brothers party afterwards and everyone was shocked and surprised! They all adored the ring, it was quit serene. This made me tear up man. This ring is so beautiful and a perfect choice. You are the greatest ring maker in the world. I love the design and looks like even non-KH persons will like it. I would totally buy that ring for my GF.

Wow I would like pricing info for this! Interested in getting one done. Please and thank you!! Hi i would like to purchase this ring. I would like the oath keeper with an emerald stone either size 5 or 6. Having a Rennaissance wedding in ! Please message me with details thank you. Devon spun around just time to see the creatures beginning to attack. But then he felt an odd feeling that seemed to warn him something else from behind.

Getting into a defensive sword stance, Devon turned around and saw that he was completely surround at all angles by the creatures.

One of the dark creatures leapt at Devon and he vanquished it with a downward diagonal slash. Another one of the dark creatures leapt at the boy, but he quickly turns and slices it into oblivion with a horizontal slash.

A third creature leaps at him, but Devon thrusts his sword at it, stabbing the dark monster straight through it's head, making it disappear in a puff of black smoke. Upon defeating the dark creatures, Devon turns toward the last remaining one.

But the dark creature does something unexpected. The dark creature sank into the platform and started to spread a cloak of darkness around itself. This darkness spread across the whole platform. The darkness soon reached Devon and his feet sank into the darkness like quicksand. Devon was being dragged into the darkness from his feet. Soon, Devon was completely pulled into the darkness. Upon regaining consciousness, Devon found himself lying on his back on another new platform.

This platform had Snow Whte and the Seven Dwarves on it. Devon rose to his feet and quickly noticed a brass colored door on the opposite side of the platform. He walked up and examined the door.

The door soon changed colors. It was now a golden shade of color. The door began to open slowly with bright light which loomed from the inside as Devon slowly approached it.

Devon slowly blinked his eyes as his eyes began to adjust to his new surroundings. He noticed that he was on a wooden balcony that was overlooking an ocean that was built above a beach. He then noticed there were three people standing around the balcony and began to wonder who they were. One of them was a beautiful young woman who had pretty blue eyes, white skin, dark brown long straight hair which flowed down to the back of her neck and a slim body shape, wearing an elegant white open mini-dress with a white top underneath, white shorts, white low socks and black boots.

Her outfit was inspired by the design of the blue lotus flower. Her mini-dress was decorated with light blue flowers and the sleeves were flower-shaped fading from light blue to dark blue.

The bottom of the mini-dress, top, and shorts fades from light blue to dark blue. The length of the dress and top goes down to the waist, ending at the top of the shorts. Another was a handsome young man who had short black hair, dark brown eyes, a tan skin-tone, and a strong muscular build, wearing a black open leather jacket with a dark grey colored shirt underneath it, black jeans, black gloves, and black military boots with straps on them. He also wore a utility belt that had four medium-sized silver capsule-like cylinders which formed a square around the corners of the belt and four small black leather military style pouches that were set around the sides.

Devon had no idea whatsoever who these two people were, but the third person he saw intrigued him. The third person was a young 5-year old boy who looked exactly like him. Devon thought to himself and soon came up with an answer. He had always enjoyed his freedom in the light of the world. But he would sometimes feel afraid of being trapped in the darkness, unable to escape the endless void. Devon thought to himself on the question.

All his life, he had felt alone and left out, but he had friends who cared about him more than anything. Devon thought to himself on that question and he soon came to an answer.

He had always wanted to visit new places, to gaze upon glorious sights, and to meet new people. You desire the friendship toward your friends. You wish to seek out other worlds and explore their horizons. You are no doubt destined for greatness. Your adventure begins at mid-day. Keep a steady pace and you'll come through fine.

The day you will open the door is both far and near. Devon found himself standing on another platform in the middle of total darkness. This platform had Belle from Beauty and the Beast on it. Devon walked around the platform, checking his surroundings.

As soon as he reached the platform's center, Devon turned to see one of the creatures begin to spawn before him. Within seconds, Devon was surrounded as he pulled out his sword and got into a defensive stance. Devon made the first move as he sprinted toward the dark creatures and swiped at them from left to right with swift strikes performing a sliding dash attack. Many of the dark creatures fell to the attack and vanished in a puff of black smoke. One of the dark creatures tried to attack jumping toward Devon.

Devon however jumped up into the air dodging the attack and countered the attack diving down toward the dark creature and swiped his sword at it casting it into oblivion.

Upon defeating the last creature, a bright light shined down from an unknown source where upon the center of the platform, creating what looked like a ring of white light. Devon walked toward the light and stepped inside. Devon felt his strength refreshed and increasing back up to its maximum.

He then watched as another beam of light left the ring and headed for the platform's edge, which then caused a string of steps to form, creating a staircase upwards towards yet another platform that slowly appeared forth from the darkness. Devon ran across the platform and up the staircase. Upon arriving on the new platform, Devon noticed it was the same platform he had started from, but the light seemed to be even brighter.

As he turned around, his shadow began to morph, twist and turn, transforming into a tall black muscular monster with red eyes. From the looks of it, it was definitely not friendly. As the monster took its form, the voice spoke out. But don't be afraid. Devon started to back away from the dark creature and soon made a run for it. He soon skidded to a stop when he neared the edge of the platform. He then turned and faced the dark creature as it loomed over him.

The dark monster thrusts it's right-hand forward into the platform creating a dark vortex that seemed to summon forth the smaller black creatures Devon had faced earlier. Devon quickly noticed that it's hand was stuck in the vortex and that it's movements were slow. He used this to his advantage and strikes numerous times at the monster's hand while dodging attacks from the smaller creatures.

After striking the creature's hand several times, he then focused on disposing the smaller creatures that had been conjured up. Devon swinged his sword left at one of the small dark creatures then swung his sword right at another dark creature.

Once they were dealt with, Devon focused back on the monster. Devon jumped up toward the monster again and struck the creature's head with a final and powerful blow. The monster giant roars in pain as it began to collapse. The sword vanished from Devon's hand and he leapt backwards to avoid the monster as it crashed forward onto the platform. Darkness began to spread all over the platform and caught Devon in it. Devon tried to free himself of the darkness that was slowly consuming him but to no avail.

You hold the Mightiest weapon of all. This chapter is pretty much the opening sequences of Kingdom Hearts. From this point forward, the story will mainly follow Devon's journey through my favorite Video Game and Movie worlds. Kingdom Hearts characters such as Sora, Riku, Kairi, etc, will be mentioned at times throughout the story. This is my first fanfiction story. Let me know what you guys think. I hope you guys like it and don't forget to review! Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community.

One with a far greater destiny. A young boy named Devon who is destined to become the Legendary Keyblade Master to save the Universe and all life from an ancient powerful evil.

Together with his friends, Devon embarks on a grand, epic adventure of a lifetime to save countless worlds from a doomed existence.

Station of Awakening "I've been having these weird thoughts lately. Like is any of this real or not? A third creature leaps at him, but Devon thrusts his sword at it, stabbing the dark monster straight through it's head, making it disappear in a puff of black smoke Upon defeating the dark creatures, Devon turns toward the last remaining one.

As Devon eyed the strange figures, the voice spoke to him. Tell more about yourself. My friends are most important to me. Friendship is very valuable. Dive into the Heart 2. The World has been Connected 4. Night of Fate 5. This is Berk 6. The Dragon's Nest 8. Lord Thanatos, The Conqueror of Worlds 9. The Epic Adventure Begins Spyro and Cynder The Cheetah Village Warfang, The Dragon City Malefor and Lord Thanatos Journey to the Nesting Grounds The Nesting Grounds Power of the Keyblade The Isle of Darkness The Forest of Dark Voices Of Holy Light and Evil Darkness Devon and Sora's Sacrifice The World of Narnia The Ancient Prophecy of Narnia The Melting River The Stone Table The Battle for Narnia A Forgotten Past Revealed The One Ring Beware the Nazgûl

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